Multifamily Amenities in a Post-COVID World

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Multifamily amenities will look different in the future thanks to the pandemic, but the demand for high-quality, modern features will always be present. Learn about some of the newest trends driven by the effects of COVID-19.

The future of telecommuting is now

Many millions of Americans are working and going to school from home, and even when the pandemic begins to abate many companies may decide that it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep it that way. Designers may need to start incorporating more office spaces into units as a standard offering.

In addition to providing relaxing and productive working spaces that residents can use to break up their routine, it’s crucial for owners and managers to pay attention to internet infrastructure and ensure that it is robust enough to handle increased demand.

Exploring a new way to design common spaces

If the response to the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that people crave common spaces no matter what the circumstances are, which means it’s up to designers to find new ways to allow people to congregate more safely for the future. In properties where they are feasible, there will be an intense demand for roof spaces and outdoor patios where people can get together and allow for plenty of distance, and property managers won’t have to worry about expensive air filtration systems that may be required to keep indoor common areas up to safety standards.

Virtual tours will be in demand

People are obviously reluctant to be in enclosed spaces near strangers, but they still want to find properties that can provide them with the kind of lifestyle they desire. You must be prepared to show your multifamily property via a virtual tour, and to give prospective residents the same experience they would get if they were at the property in person.

Incorporating hands-free technology facilitates safety

From touchless hand sanitizer and automated doors to digital document signing and keyless entry, there are dozens of ways that you can incorporate tech into the daily flow of activities in your multifamily property. These will help your residents safely inhabit shared spaces and improve safety for everyone on the premises.

Increased access to deliveries will benefit residents

Whether you’re talking about food from local restaurants or packages from online shopping, residents are taking advantage of delivery services during the pandemic more than ever. By designing systems that will allow delivery employees to get to them more easily, you can help increase their satisfaction and make the property more desirable.

Many traditional amenities will need to be reimagined

There are several multifamily amenities such as pools, indoor game rooms, and community coffee machines that have been standard practice but will need to be reevaluated for a post-COVID-19 world. By working with a contracting company that is on top of the newest multifamily trends, you can make sure that your next property has exactly what residents and employees expect from a living experience in the current environment. At Live Oak Contracting, our team has the knowledge and experience that can help you bring your next project to fruition. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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