• Paul Bertozzi President & CEO
  • Joe Pattison Chief Financial Officer
  • Walker Palmer Director of Construction
  • Katherine Ruttell Director of Marketing & Development
  • Kevin Powell Director of Preconstruction
  • Milton Chrissovergis Director of Business Development
  • Jim Cox Division Manager
  • Chris Vickers Division Manager
  • Luke Ference
    Luke Ference Division Manager
  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson Project Manager
  • Palmer Hunt
    Palmer Hunt Project Manager
  • John Murphy
    John Murphy Project Manager
  • Jason Clemons
    Jason Clemons Project Manager
  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes Project Manager
  • Aaron Hardison
    Aaron Hardison Assistant Project Manager
  • Sydney Hays
    Sydney Hays Assistant Project Manager
  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson Assistant Project Manager
  • Will Price
    Will Price Safety Manager
  • Juanita Ellis
    Juanita Ellis Project Accountant
  • Fran Huber
    Fran Huber Project Accountant
  • Sherry Bubenheim
    Sherry Bubenheim Project Accountant
  • Lisa Massaro Project Administrator
  • Hannah Hess
    Hannah Hess Project Administrator
  • Tammy Smith
    Tammy Smith Project Administrator
  • Robyn Webb
    Robyn Webb Project Administrator
  • Chip Schwab
    Chip Schwab Senior Estimator
  • Ryan Osborne
    Ryan Osborne Estimator
  • Nathan Newman
    Nathan Newman Estimator
  • David Delaney
    David Delaney Estimator
  • James Prohaska
    James Prohaska Project Engineer
  • Jake Bennett
    Jake Bennett Project Engineer
  • Jesse Bennett
    Jesse Bennett Project Engineer
  • Dylan Drake
    Dylan Drake Project Engineer
  • Tyler Haga
    Tyler Haga Project Engineer