What’s Next for Apartment Amenities?

With a new generation of home-renters entering the market, contractors must stay aware of their expectations. Apartment amenities for millennials as well as Generation Z have taken on a new level of importance. But Gen Z’s requirements for apartments somewhat differ from those of the previous generation. 

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are top of mind for this population. In order to attract this demographic, developers, designers and subcontractors alike should do their research before planning a new community. Here’s an explanation of the increased importance of social amenities and what renters look for in a new community:

What Amenities Does Gen Z Want from an Apartment Complex?

Paying a little extra for an apartment community can go a long way. Upscale community amenities are a must to justify the added cost. Here’s what to plan for when creating the perfect development for the new generation of renters.

Fostering Community 

Amenities that are becoming large selling points for these Gen Z renters are those that will foster a sense of community. Amenities like rooftop pool decks where residents can take yoga classes on weekends; beer taps in the clubhouse where residents can tap their own kegs; and office spaces where residents can comfortably work together on school or career projects help to make Gen Z residents feel at home. The addition of these progressive amenities allow residents to live, work and entertain without leaving the property grounds.

Private Parking

Multifamily community parking can be an obstacle for many renters, especially in overpopulated cities. That’s why apartment communities—especially those featuring luxurious lifestyles—should offer private parking. Whether the parking spot is outdoors or inside a garage, Generation Z will likely opt for secure, private parking. 

In-Unit Washer and Dryer 

New renters prioritize convenience above all else, so having a washer and dryer within their own unit is a must. This will save renters time and money. They won’t have to pay for laundromat services or dedicate hours of their day just to cleaning their clothes.

Generation Z is made up of multi-tasking specialists. Therefore, they would prefer to simply load their machines and let their clothes wash and dry while working, exercising, running errands, etc. 

24/7 On-Site Gym

Why waste money on a gym membership when you can have state-of-the-art facilities right downstairs from your living space? Many apartment complexes now offer 24/7 access to exercise rooms, machines and weights. Some even offer fitness class technology that allows you to invite friends to a workout class.

There are many benefits to a convenient fitness center including no travel cost, no sign up fees and freedom to work out whenever you want!

Additionally, some property managers will recruit fitness instructors to lead weekly classes. This would allow new renters to get fit, a favorite past-time for Generation Z, while also meeting their new neighbors. 

Bike Storage, Community Gardens, and Clubhouse Amenities

Much of Generation Z owns and uses bikes to get from point A to point B, which make the inclusion of bike storage units a very attractive amenity when looking to rent. When not biking, Gen Z renters are always looking for creative ways they can spend their time like spending time enjoying the outdoors in community gardens or getting to know other residents in the community clubhouse over a game of pool. No matter the residents choice of hobby, including a variety of amenities will only further intrigue and persuade the active Gen Z renter. 
Apartment amenities for millennials were just the kick-start to the new Generation Z. Live Oak Contracting makes it their priority to attract new renters with state-of-the-art enhancements. We know these new renters have high expectations. Make sure to research and plan accordingly in order to match the needs of this generation when working towards planning, design and development. Visit our project gallery to view more of the varying amenities we add to our projects!

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