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Construction sites are inherently full of potentially unsafe conditions. Not only is there the potential for injury from falls, loose debris and electric shock, workers could experience lifting equipment failure, crane accidents, weld accidents and more.

Emerging Tech Trends

Not surprisingly, technology has made today’s job sites safer than ever before. Technology that limits one of the most common threats to worker safety, hand-arm vibration syndrome, is just one example. Wearables that highlight this risk can help companies implement changes to reduce the threat of injury.

Robotics is another burgeoning element of technology that is changing the face of construction. Their presence on construction sites is becoming more common as they take over the heavy lifting that used to take multiple workers to accomplish.

Tech Tools Used by Our Team

Live Oak Contracting embraces the latest in technology to improve job site safety and performance. The following are just a few of the many tools that we use to provide excellent customer service while upholding our commitment to safety:

  • Bluebeam: Starting with the design process, Bluebeam keeps teams moving forward and on the same page during construction projects. As the process unfolds, important project data is preserved through completion.
  • Plan Grid: The ability to collaborate and connect regardless of where the project principals might be is vital to ensuring that productivity and accuracy stay high. Documents, plans, daily reports, and more can be easily accessed by anyone related to the project by using this software.
  • PlanSwift: PlanSwift software allows for easy project estimating. Manage projects large and small with accurate and timely calculations. Easily adjust cost projections, simply change product cost and recalculate.
  • Building Connected: Send out invites and see exactly what’s happening with your project all in one place. Easily manage each step, from project drawings to final bid—and everything in between.
    Drones: Whether it’s surveying land, collecting data on the local infrastructure, providing surveillance or any number of other relevant tasks, drones are utilized frequently on construction sites where Live Oak is working.
  • Video Footage & Time Lapse: Video footage is an important element of a cohesive construction process. Not only does it provide the client with visual progress reports, video footage also allows the team to plan more precisely.
  • Tablets with Integrated WiFi: Tablets on the job site are an invaluable asset that Live Oak uses extensively. You’ll find our team using them to access documentation about inspections, the latest weather reports, the delivery of materials and much more.

Live Oak Contracting believes in collaborating closely with our clients to build partnerships. A full-service firm, we specialize in delivering multifamily and commercial projects with integrity and the highest workmanship. Ready to collaborate with us on your next project? Contact us today to get started!

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