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In every area of the country, and especially in the South, general contractors are scrambling to find qualified project managers and skilled tradesmen. Subcontractors are experiencing the pinch of having more available work than hands to tackle it. We didn’t arrive at this storage of skilled labor overnight. So why is this happening?

live-oak-contracting-wp-cover-laborshortage-sm (2)Where are all the workers?

In our new white paper, “A Good Man is Hard to Find: The Problem Posed by Labor Shortages in the Skilled Trades,” we’ll discuss:

  • How Widespread the Labor Shortage Really Is

  • Causes of the Problem

  • Approached & Programs to Address the Problem

  • Benefits for Skilled Workers & More

Download our new white paper today to learn more about the labor shortage problem, or forward it to someone who may be experiencing it currently.

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