Case Study: Stillwell at Wellen Park

At Live Oak Contracting, our collaborative approach ensures that each project is completed on time and within budget, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in our ability to meet expectations. We’re proud to share a phase of our Stillwell at Wellen Park multifamily project, which exemplifies our commitment to teamwork, communication, and quality workmanship.


Stillwell at Wellen Park marks Live Oak Contracting’s first venture into single-for-rent housing. Located in the Venice, FL area, the 274-unit multifamily project spans approximately 28 acres and requires meticulous planning and execution. 

One of the primary challenges faced was navigating the financial inconsistencies that stemmed from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Locking in pricing in 2021 amidst fluctuating market conditions proved demanding, and the industry faced many uncertainties surrounding material costs, from lumber to drywall. 

Another key hurdle was navigating the differences between traditional multi-family spaces and the unique design requirements of single-family for-rent communities. Scheduling and space management became critical as we strived to optimize efficiency while creating a neighborhood-like setting for residents.

Additionally, we needed to coordinate inspections for 274 individual unit permits, which required careful tracking and consistent communication with regulatory authorities in the city of Northport.


Our project team’s primary strategy was to focus on planning, communication, and organization. We planned diligently to avoid potential price escalations by procuring materials upfront and storing them on-site in storage containers and off-site in Live Oak warehouses.

With 274 individual permits to acquire and approximately 28 inspections to track per house, staying organized was a top priority. We developed an internal process to control and track the sequencing and performance of work on each rental home. 

This process allowed us to ensure seamless coordination with regulatory authorities and efficient management of the project’s diverse phases. It continues to help us manage the unprecedented volume of work and meet deadlines.

Our Live Oak team also held weekly internal team meetings to discuss project updates, address challenges, and forecast upcoming tasks and stages. We prioritized transparent communication with contractors to ensure the correct sequencing of tasks and prevent disruption to the project’s timeline.  

Additionally, our team ensured that a superintendent lived on-site at all times. This level of involvement and connection to the job site was beneficial for ensuring smooth operations and quick decision-making.


Thanks to our meticulous coordination and forward-thinking approach, phase I of Stillwell at Wellen Park finished on schedule, and the project remains on track for final completion in August 2024. As one of less than a dozen single-for-rent housing developments in the state of Florida, our project team embraced the obstacles it faced to set a new standard in the real estate industry.

Our team approached Stillwell at Wellen Park with positivity, innovation, and a newfound dedication to teamwork. Despite facing unforeseen obstacles, the project team remained adaptive and determined, creating new processes through trial and error and constantly communicating weekly to ensure success.

Live Oak Contracting successfully navigated material cost uncertainties and inspection coordination challenges to ensure the project remained on time and budget for its intended completion date. We also prioritized site infrastructure and carefully planned the landscaping to create a cohesive and attractive environment for residents.

As a result of our proactive and organized efforts, our team has now maintained the scheduled delivery of this phase without any delays. From the thoughtful design of individual units to creating community amenities rivaling top-tier apartments, this project revolutionizes the rental living experience. 

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