Is Your General Contractor Efficiently Using Technology in the Field?

Modern technology isn’t completely absent from the average worksite. Most contractors use a smartphone on the job to aid them in everyday tasks such as sending and receiving emails, collecting data, or taking photos. Where some contractors are lacking is having a software that can collect, store and protect worksite data – all in one place.

According to the 2015 Gartner IT Key Metrics Data, the construction industry as a whole spends less than 1% of revenue on IT. From scheduling labor to automating field reports, there are many reasons contractors need to adopt new technology and property owners should choose a general contractor with technology in place.

live-oak-contracting-wp-cover-infotech-smallTo learn more, download our new white paper:

“The Current State of Technology in the Field of Construction.”

In this white paper you will learn:

– Advantages for Early Adopters of Construction Technology

– Different Ways Software Can Help

– Questions You Should Be Asking of Prospective Contractors

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