Constructing Active Adult Communities that Last

General Contractors must strive to provide the type of space that meets the needs of today’s older adults. By focusing on those aspects of a community desired by this group now, and in the future, Live Oak Contracting can complete active adult communities that last long into the future. The following characteristics are notable in that Live Oak Contracting has integrated them into the communities they have built in the South. This region already has popular draws for this segment of the population: pleasing climate, relaxed environment and access to top amenities. Communities that are constructed with the following in mind will make sure that active adults are served well by their housing choice.

Open & Casual Living Spaces

As savvy homeowners, active older adults know how the design of their living spaces contributes positively to their quality of life. They desire open and casual areas as a foundation to build a vibrant lifestyle. Kitchen and dining areas are designed to offer unfettered access to the cook as well as room for guests to mingle and chat. These rooms also must flow seamlessly into living rooms that are unmarred by dividing walls.

Functional & Flexible Rooms

Gone are the days when a room labeled a bedroom, for example, was forever designated as such. Today, a second, or third bedroom, can be marketed as a versatile space that is flexible enough to change when residents need it to do so. From a home office to a guest bedroom to a bedroom where a tired spouse can get a good night sleep away from a snoring partner, this type of room layout is crucial to today’s adults.

Adaptable Designs

While baby boomers might enter a community in good health, it is likely that this will change over the years. Room designs that can easily accommodate the extra width required by a wheelchair while the refrigerator door is open, for example, and oversized, open showers that allow access via walker or wheelchair allow a change in health or lifestyle to be easily adapted to. In fact, ADA code requires all communities have ground floor units capable of adaption within 48 hours. Most states require at least 2% of units be adaptable, while other states like South Carolina require an additional 3%.

Promote Outdoor Living

Natural light is something that everyone craves, but experienced adults understand how much natural light it improves the quality of life in a home. The same can be said about outdoor spaces. Creating welcoming outdoor spaces allows residents to enjoy their down time in a more relaxing manner.

What You’ll Find in an Active Adult Community

Today’s active adult communities provide baby boomers with the means to pursue their interests — right in their neighborhood or within the larger community in which they live. From cultural activities, such as nearby metro museums, art galleries and theaters, to opportunities to dance, bowl, golf or swim at facilities within their community, this demographic is looking to downsize their homes, not their lives.

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