Utilizing Infinity Structures in Multifamily Construction

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The Infinity Structures building system is an exciting innovation in the multifamily construction industry that utilizes pre-panelized, load-bearing metal stud walls that are manufactured offsite. Project engineers work to ensure that the highest quality walls are manufactured to each project’s unique specifications. Panels are shipped to the job site and set in place quickly. As each story is completed, the Epicore MSR Composite Floor System is laid in place creating a strong structure within a short timeline.

This system works well for mid-rise multifamily residential properties and similar projects such as senior or student housing. The Infinity Structures system can support projects up to eight stories in height. The system allows project developers to harness the benefits of pre-manufactured building components while maintaining creative control of their projects. Live Oak Contracting is working with Infinity Structure on our upcoming mid-rise apartment project in downtown Charleston, SC.

What Are the Benefits of Infinity Structures in Commercial Construction?

Developers with an eye on efficiency should consider the following benefits of using an Infinity Structures system on their next project:

  • Compared to other building systems, the Infinity system achieves the highest rating for airborne noise control making it ideal for multifamily structures
  • The concrete slab flooring is fire rated immediately after it is cast – no other treatments are necessary.
  • Using MSR 33 insulated wall panels shortens the construction timeline as these panels include vapor barriers, insulation, and sheathing in one product.
  • Additionally, utilizing MSR 33 insulated wall panels will reduce overall energy costs increasing the long-term efficiency and sustainability of the building.

At Live Oak Contracting, we work closely with developers, architects, and designers to ensure that every project is successful from the initial design to final delivery. Our 50+ years of experience have allowed us to create and maintain vital relationships in the construction industry in Jacksonville and along the East Coast, ensuring an exceptional product that is delivered on time and in budget. For more information about our services or to discuss your next project, contact us today.

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