Case Study: San Marco Promenade

Case Study: San Marco Promenade | Live Oak Contracting

The San Marco Promenade is a $33.35 million Class A, E-Urban style apartment community consisting of 284 units currently being built along Philips Highway in Jacksonville, Florida. As the full-service general contractor on the project, Live Oak Contracting works diligently to provide solutions to any and all project challenges and ensure all deliverables are top quality.

Project Challenges

During the design process, it became evident that due to the high water table and the lack of usable area on site, San Marco Promenade would not be able to accommodate a traditional above ground detention pond used to treat stormwater and minimize the risk of flooding in the area. According to Florida’s stormwater management requirements, the project team needed to determine an adequate and long-term site drainage solution so progress on the development could continue as planned. Finding a solution that would efficiently handle the site’s drainage requirements while not affecting the project schedule, budget, or foundation was not an easy task.


After an in-depth analysis of the site, the project team determined that an underdrain piping system installed beneath the traditional underground storm vault would prove to be the ideal solution that would artificially lower the water table. Live Oak worked with the Civil Engineer and StormTech to also provide a subsurface retention/detention system to mimic the natural characteristics of pre-urban development water flow and maintain water quality. StormTech is a trusted partner that Live Oak relies on to provide affordable, durable, quality products that are easy to install on our projects.

“Land is valuable and sometimes unavailable on a project and can be used for more units, or square footage.” Says StormTech Engineered Products Manager Ryan Rafferty. “To put it simply, we are putting a pond underneath a parking lot so the client doesn’t have to waste land with an above ground pond. We like to think of it as using your land twice.”


We recommend that other builders using the StormTech system for the first time ensure that the chambers are situated in locations that won’t affect the progress of construction in other areas. It is also important to have a good understanding of how these systems are installed correctly and how they impact the overall schedule.

Live Oak Contracting was built on a framework of collaboration. By working closely with developers, suppliers, and subcontractors, we’re able to maintain the highest quality standards Live Oak Contracting is known for while also staying within budget and meet timelines.

The San Marco Promenade has an expected completion date of March 2020. Once completed, residents of the community will enjoy a number of amenities including three courtyards, a clubhouse, business center with private conference rooms. It will also provide gated security entrances, a resort-style pool complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and bar seating, as well as a fitness center. For more information about this project, contact us.

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