Atlantic on the Avenue: A Case Study on Due Diligence


Live Oak Contracting was brought on to complete due diligence for Atlantic on the Avenue prior to the project’s groundbreaking in November 2015. Atlantic on the Avenue, located in North Charleston, South Carolina, consists of two four-story apartment buildings with a total of 202 units, one clubhouse, and three garages. With Live Oak Contracting’s due diligence expertise available as site plans were drawn up, the developer was able to identify and address major site issues while still in the planning phase with minimal impact on the project’s overall budget and timeline.


Live Oak Contracting worked alongside the project engineers to assess site access to water, sewer, and electrical utilities. Charleston Water Services had a 24-inch water main near the site. Unfortunately, this large main was located across a six-lane, divided highway. Closer options for water at the site included a 10-inch main which would not provide adequate flow to the buildings’ fourth floors for both domestic use and fire protection.

In cases where access to ample water flow does not exist from available water lines, a few options can be exercised. A booster pump system could be installed in order to provide ample water pressure to reach higher floors of the community for domestic use and for fire protection. Live Oak evaluated a campus-wide system that would place a booster on the main coming into the site and options that would place booster on each building separately. If an additional line can be identified, a water loop system can be created by tapping two nearby water lines. Individually they would be inadequate, but together they can provide adequate pressure to multi-story buildings.


During the due diligence process, Live Oak Contracting helped to identify an additional water main adjacent to the site. This discovery allowed the contractors to create a water loop within the community by tapping a main at the front of the site and the additional adjacent line. With the increased water pressure, a booster pump was necessary for domestic lines only. Identifying and tapping this second water line avoided the expense of crossing the state highway and eliminated the need for an additional fire protection booster system.

At Live Oak Contracting, we work with developers from the inception of their project in the planning phases through the final stages of construction. By contracting with Live Oak Contracting for due diligence services, our client was able to tap into our expertise and address significant site issues as initial site plans were being drawn up, resulting in substantial savings overall. Hiring a professional contractor for due diligence can save time and money from the outset of a project. Contact Live Oak Contracting for your due diligence needs.


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