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Live Oak is so grateful for the inspiring women who gathered with us to celebrate and empower fellow women in construction. Your presence makes women’s history month even more special.

Meet Monica Bates!

I’ve done everything from site grading to tying rebar and pouring concrete to custom-home building and now Multifamily! I have worked closely with clients as a CAD Designer, utilizing design software to create three-dimensional models of structures for a multitude of projects in residential, commercial, and retail developments. I also owned a concrete company focusing on new construction in residential and commercial properties. We fine-graded sites before placing concrete foundations, ensuring we delivered the best work for our clients. My kid’s favorite project was the wave pool at Adventure Landing.

I wear many hats, but as Live Oak’s Business Development Manager, I leverage industry connections and relationships to identify potential projects for our various divisions. Ultimately, I help secure new work for our company by building pursuit teams to support project bids. I attend local and national industry outreach and informational events to gain long-term partnerships and identify possible project work for Live Oak. You can often find me on a job site with a camera to capture progress photos for our development partners. I’m passionate about ensuring our project sites are presentable, clean, and branded with company standards. One of my current goals is to expand our market presence in the North East, so stay tuned!
Meet Dawn Gavette! With over 20 years in the construction industry, she has played a vital role in all aspects of construction. Here’s what she has to say…

Hi, I’m Dawn, your new accountant, an ex-superintendent, an ex-administrator, and I can read plans. I can calculate board foot, so I am here to help you.

My role is a team player. As Project Accountant, I focus on financial oversight and ensuring the project is on schedule through our accounting process. We are the wheels of the company. The project wouldn’t flow smoothly if it weren’t for accounting, making sure the bills are paid and processed correctly. I tell all my subs we are a team. The ultimate goal is the completion of the project.

I started my construction career in the field, which is an asset to my current role. I started building screen rooms and patio enclosures, then moved into the office and ran permits for the company. I opened my own permitting business, then went to work for contractors doing renovations and additions as a superintendent, administrative duties, payroll, scheduling, and accounts receivable, to name a few.

I dove into construction accounting ten years ago, and it was the last part of construction I had not done before. It was a challenge for me and still is a challenge for me, and I strive every day to be better than the day before.

I encourage young women to join in asking questions, be curious, be strong, and never give up. Asking questions is never wrong. Give it a try. I’ll end it with; there is no crying in construction!
Meet Breana Bryan!

I’ve always been passionate about the arts and started my education by studying architecture at FAU in South Florida. After learning more about the industry, I wanted to expand my career. UNF allowed me to join the construction management program to have the skills to build that vision into a reality. I want to be able to say, “I designed and built that.”

I am an Estimating Intern and have enjoyed how Live Oak’s program allows students to be fully immersed in the preconstruction process. I perform initial contact and communication with all subcontractors through the bid process. I assist with onscreen takeoffs to estimate pricing, qualify bids, and streamline communication throughout the bid process. I also assist in producing initial drafts and contract-related exhibits. Live Oak’s internship program aims to review drawings, qualify and level bids, and understand potential conflicts for further review. I am most grateful to learn more robust programs like Plan Swift. For example, I am learning how to utilize plan swift to perform onscreen lumber takeoffs, which is critical in the multifamily industry.

I advise women to get their construction education and take advantage to stand out and not be apprehensive about feeling limited. UNF Construction Management program has the only program that statically has a 100% job placement. There are so many construction industries to pursue, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or heavy civil.
Meet Hannah Hess! With six years in the Construction Industry, Hannah walks us through the many paths women take in the construction industry.

As Live Oak’s project administrator and project engineer, I ensure that documentation is processed, vetted, and distributed correctly throughout the project. This includes building out subcontract documents, discovering gaps, and finalizing scopes of work, RFIs, and submittals. I visit the job site bi-weekly to put my eyes on what I’m reading on paper. When you go out into the field, it’s easier to put the pieces together.

Having a medical background working for local hospitals, I’ve seen how the lack of maternity and family medical leave policies can be a barrier to women’s entry and retention in companies. Handling someone leaving for maternity leave amid a tightly scheduled project is not typical in a male-dominated field. And there is still work to be done. We, as women, have a voice in improving the benefits for the next generation. Something simple as a dedicated nursing room in the office is often overlooked in construction businesses. Live Oak is proud to employ so many great women. If we as an industry want to grow our community and raise the 10.9% statistic of women in construction, we have to talk about all the challenges of being a mother or a father in our industry.

I started my career in construction as an office administrator and dabbled in onboarding and IT. I soon found my passion for digging into a set of plans and asking many questions! I love constantly challenging myself and resolving issues to keep a project on time and within budget. More women should pursue a career in the construction industry because there are many skillsets to learn from the office to the field, and it’s so rewarding! I know my two boys will be proud!

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