Inside Live Oak: Rose Farley, Project Administrator

It’s part of the Live Oak Contracting mission to work honestly in all aspects of our business. Our blog series, “Inside Live Oak,” gives you an insight into the Live Oak Team, their background, experience and more. This month, we sat down with Rose Farley, Project Administrator, to learn about her experience and point of view on the culture at Live Oak.

Q. Rose, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I’m originally from Illinois. I moved to Jacksonville about 30 years ago. I have 27 years experience in the construction field. I also have a real estate salesperson license.

Q. How did you get involved with the construction industry?

A couple of years after coming to Jacksonville, I went to work at the beach for a general contractor and did their bookkeeping while learning construction terminology.  I left the company several years later when the company had financial problems. Another company asked me to be the superintendent on a project in Cocoa Beach. I went down there, read the specs and knew what had to be done. Also, the guys in the field  were very helpful. We finished the project ahead of schedule and below budget. That was the beginning of my love of construction, especially in the field.

I eventually came back to Jacksonville to work for a general contractor/developer building condos in Jacksonville. I was hired as an executive assistant and after a month I was put in the field to be the eyes and ears for the owner. I oversaw construction, dealt with condo buyers before and after closing, and managed the salespeople.

Q. What do you like about Live Oak, or is there something you find that’s special?

 I like the fact that it’s a smaller company. When I was with Lennar it was a big company and it just wasn’t the same. With a big company you don’t have that one-on-one that I like. Paul’s a great person to work for, we get along great.

Q Do you have a favorite part of a project?

I like the diversity in the work I do.  There is always something new; two days are never the same. For the most part I like dealing with the subs. What I hate is insurance. It’s just a nightmare.

Q. What are some adjectives you hold important to how you work?

Honesty. And just being me. As Paul said, “I knew what I was getting when I hired you.” I also believe you need to enjoy your work and surroundings, and have fun. Life’s too short!

Q. What’s one of the biggest changes you’ve seen from the beginning of your career to present day?

When I started working in construction, I had a computer and there was no network or internet. I had a disk and everyday you’d save to the disk in case something happened. I was scared to death that I’d lose information. I talked to my nephew and he said, “Back up your computer, save it on that disk and do whatever you want to do. If you mess it up, you can just reload it.” That gave me a lot of confidence. Since then, it has just evolved. We never had drawings on the computer, everything was on paper.

Q. What are some hobbies outside of Live Oak Contracting?

I just got a ‘60 Corvette and I’m contemplating joining a corvette club.  I’m on the board of the homeowners association where I live. I previously was involved in cat rescue. I have 4 cats: Casper, Boog, Bonnie & Clyde, they are like my children.

Rose is an integral part of Live Oak Contracting. To learn more about other members of our team, visit our About Us page or give us a call. Rose will be the first person you speak to.

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